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B Corp: Moving Forwards Together

March 2024

How are we moving Lighthouse Studio forwards to a more sustainable and inclusive future?

Inspired by the theme for this year’s B Corp month #ThisWayForward, we’re looking at some of the key ways Lighthouse Studio is moving forwards as a B Corp company in the creative tech industry.

We move forwards with Tech For Good

Every B Corp company has one eye on progress. As one of only a handful of tech companies that are B Corp certified here in the UK, we are invested in making the tech industry as progressive and sustainable as possible.

  • We take into account everything from sustainable, reduced data storage to recycled tech hardware. You can read our article about Tech for Good and what it means here.

  • We prioritise working on projects that actively use technology to promote and support sustainable and inclusive practices, like our Diversity Isn’t a Fantasy immersive activation for Netflix.

  • We also developed a custom AI filter for B Lab to help them spread the B Corp message digitally. Try it out here!


We move forwards together as a community

The B Corp community is fast growing. As of this month, over 1700 companies are now B Corp certified in the UK, with more companies signing up to get certification than ever before.

It’s an incredible community to be a part of, with shared resources and knowledge that help drive all of us to grow and do better!

As part of our commitment to the B Corp values, we make sure that Lighthouse Studio gives back to our community in lots of different ways:

  • Making in kind donations of at least 5% of our annual revenue to support charitable partners based in the UK each year.

  • Signing the Hackney Responsible Business Charter this year along with other local businesses, sharing our knowledge and experience as a B Corp company and working together to make our borough more sustainable.


We move forwards for the planet

As a certified B Corp company, these are just some of the actions we take to make sure our business is moving forwards for the future of our planet:

  • Keeping all of our clients educated and up to date with our B Corp practices including offering options for waste reduction, reusable builds and an emissions report after each activation.

  • Maintaining our supplier sustainability and diversity policies, making sure we partner with companies who have the same environmental and community principles as us.

  • Signing the UN Climate Change’s Race To Zero campaign — SME Climate Hub commitment. This means we are committed to halving our greenhouse gas emission and achieving net zero emissions by 2030.


Being a B Corp company isn’t just a certification, it’s a dedication to bettering ourselves and prioritising business for good. We’re proud of our high B Corp score and as we begin the process of recertification, our goal is to go one step (or ten steps!) further, for our community and for the planet. 

We want to encourage other companies to join us on this journey and become a part of this incredible community as we move forwards together!

Find out more about our B Corp certification and values here.


  1. Projection Mapping activation for B Corp Month at Lighthouse Studio

  2. Diversity Isn't a Fantasy custom Message Booth activation for Netflix

  3. Digital Futuregram for the B Corp Europe Festival in Amsterdam 2023

  4. Projection Mapping activation for B Corp Month at Lighthouse Studio

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