Marketing ideas to get you out of a rut

Oct 2021
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When it comes to marketing a business it can be hard to know where to start — with such a vast abundance of tools available. You might have gotten into a nice flow with sending out your monthly newsletters and offers; or maybe you’ve leapt into influencer marketing and paid ads and now you’re wondering what marketing venture you should embark on next.

Or you could be stuck in a bit of a rut; you’ve gotten comfortable with your current marketing tactics and you want to explore new terrain and learn some new tricks to wow your current audience and spark intrigue in a new one.

We’ve done some thinking with you in mind, and have put together a list of 5 marketing ideas you can put in motion today to boost engagement and get you out of that rut! Here we go.

1. Get your brand’s take on a trend

Let’s talk about trends. With trends it can be hard to tell how long they will stick around for, however, if you know where your target audience hangs out, it’s worth jumping aboard that ship! Let’s say your target audience is Gen Z — chances are they will be on TikTok. Create snappy how-to’s with your product, some before and after videos, or straight up recreate your brand’s unique take on the latest viral TikTok craze using trending hashtags. We’ve found that audiences like to watch videos that are entertaining and educational.

Here, authenticity is key: give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes to build real connection. Remember, there’s a difference in jumping on the bandwagon and bringing in a new insightful perspective on an existing trend.

2. Plan an online workshop

If you’ve still got some Zoom left in you this could be one for you. Curating a creative workshop can not only be fun, it means you can reach a bigger audience; you aren’t restricted by venue numbers or location, your audience can tune in and connect with you live. Throughout the pandemic, people have turned to online workshops and retreats to maintain their sanity and to connect with others in real-time. Despite restrictions lifting in the UK, don’t be put off by planning an online workshop that links to your business’s niche.

3. Warm up those vocal chords with a podcast

The great thing about podcasts is that even if you’re multitasking — commuting, cooking etc you still feel connected to the speaker; it can feel like someone is talking directly to you which is very comforting. Whether they range from 5 minutes to an hour, podcasts aren’t about hard selling; they’re a place to escape to, to learn and to be inspired — for your audience to feel like they’re hanging out with your brand in-person.

Listening and reading go side by side when it comes to retaining information, create your own podcast and speak about what matters to you and your brand. Podcasts breathe authenticity, you can hear a lot from someone’s voice more so than reading captions.

Some examples of brands creating podcasts:
Hot Air for Selfridges
The Braincare Podcast for Heights supplements
Deliciously Ella Podcast for the Deliciously Ella food & wellness platform

4. AR filter to engage with your Instagram audience

How many times have you flicked through Stories on auto-pilot and forgotten whose story or which ad you just saw? Would you do the same if it was inviting you to use a cool AR filter?

AR filters come in many shapes and sizes; from virtually trying on beauty products to seeing how furniture looks in your home — read our article ‘Why brands should seriously adopt AR’ to see how brands are using AR successfully in their campaigns for some inspiration on how you can incorporate AR or get in touch with us for some tailored ideas.

5. On brand Giphy stickers

Have something important to say on Stories and want to grab people’s attention? Giphy stickers are a great way to bring interaction and engagement to your content. They can incorporate your branding and use your keywords, to make sure they’re at the top of the search results. You’re already using stickers, why not make them YOUR stickers! Those Swipe up, look here, and check it out stickers could be in your brand colours matching your content.

It is likely your engaged audience is already searching for branded stickers from your brand to stick on their stories. Time to take advantage of this and use the visibility.

There we have it! 5 marketing ideas you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. Get on your bosses radar with these babies on your next presentation. No need to thank us!

Image credit: Firmbee

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