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  • Inspiration behind the Aura Booth

    Aura photography has been around for a hundred years. So colourful, so mysterious, so magical…! What is it? Some believe that everyone has an aura, an emanation of energy that is created by the body, mind and spirit. There are people who claim to see these auras, some claim that they are linked to our health, and others believe auras are linked to the chakras. The early idea of the human aura was popularised in the early 1900s and people have been trying to capture the mystical auras ever since. Sometimes the results were misinterpretations of technical effects, such as photos capturing heat emanating from the body. 1910s In the 1910s, Jakob von Narkiewicz-Jodko of Russia was experimenting with capturing an image of the subject's life force, or aura. The subject's hand or fingertip was pressed against a film to capture the electric discharge around the edges of the object. 1940s Around 1940, independently of Narkiewicz-Jodko, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian developed Kirlian photography - techniques of capturing electrical flares that look like shining auras around an object that they named “Kirlian aura”. Kirlians themselves believed that his photography captured the life force or auras of his subjects. Some parapsychologists even claimed that the images reflected levels of psychic powers! As these photos did not involve a camera or lenses, they did not capture the likeness of their subject. 1980s In the 1980s, Guy Coggins became a big name in the world of aura photography. He developed an aura camera that captured a double-exposure of sorts. The model will place their hands on special plates that will capture electromagnetic data. This data is interpreted into a wash of colours, and superimposed on a photograph of the model. This supposedly represents the aura of the person. Today Our Aura Photo Booth was inspired by the ethereal images that showed soft washes and clouds of colour around people. Inspired by colour therapy, each colour has a meaning and invites people to read their aura with these interpretations in mind. Each photo from our Aura booth will have a combination of colours around the model’s face, and will be one of millions of different possible combinations. However, interpreting your Aura photo comes down to you, spending a moment in introspection. Our booth suggests a way of interpreting the colours of your photo, by focusing on how the colours and their shapes make you feel. Do these qualities accurately reflect who I am? How am I feeling and behaving today? Is it the kind of person I want to be? Sources & references. “Aura (paranormal).” n.d. Wikipedia. 2022. Link “Kirlian photography.” n.d. Wikipedia. 2022 Link Packard, Cassie. 2019. “The Origins of Aura Photography.” Artsy. Link

  • Creative photo booths for Valentine’s day

    Oh Valentine’s day, the day of looooove and the day chocolate shops sell out! If you’re planning an event for Valentine’s day, here are 5 photo booth ideas for some creative declarations of love! 1. Share the love in our message booth Why not surprise a loved one by writing them a message in our message booth. Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to show people how much we love and appreciate them – we are sure this will brighten their day! Or how about taking a self-love approach and asking people to write 3 things they love about themselves or a promise they can make around self-care. 2. Nurture connection with an Aura photography workshop Our Aura Booth is a great way to facilitate stronger relationships. Get people into pairs for an afternoon workshop and take some striking aura photos. Ask people to share what the colours mean for them and tap into their current state. This is a great way to nurture connection and bring people closer – it even works in the workplace! 3. Strike a pose in our video booth Invite people to have a dance with friends or fly solo in our open video booth. Get people throwing some red balloons and glitter and we’ll take care of the rest by adding snappy edits and dreamy effects to create short and sweet video clips. 4. Keep it mysterious with the Silhouette booth Why not keep the flame alive and invite people to pose in our Silhouette booth. We are certain this will create some mysterious and sexy photos that will have hearts racing. 5. Capture the transformation in a Before and After video shoot Valentine’s day is also an excuse for people to embrace self-care which could mean getting a new look. If you’re a hair, beauty or fashion brand why not let the transformation unfold in our Before and After booth! Here are 5 ideas we hope will make your Valentine’s day celebrations extra sweet this year. Check out all of our conceptual booths and get in touch for more inspiration.

  • We’re a B Corp – what’s in it for you?

    What does it mean to work with a company that has B Corp certification? These are few of the multitude of benefits you get by working with us. We are authentic Our B Corp certification is proof of our good intentions when it comes to the environment and social responsibility. Anyone can make claims about these topics, but we mean what we say. We are transparent By becoming a B Corp, we must allow information about our performance to be regularly measured against B Lab’s standards and for this information to be publicly available. Our clients get the best bespoke services in the most ethical way possible. We measure our environmental impact When you hire us, you know the carbon footprint of your photo booths. We always measure our environmental impact and take action when it’s needed. No one is perfect, but we can certainly try! When appropriate, we guide you to make decisions that lighten the environmental impact of your booth. Social responsibility We care about people, and we fully embrace our role in favoring diversity. Inclusion has never been as easy as it is today, and there is no excuse not to do our utmost on this front. To summarise, we monitor, report, question, and educate ourselves. We take steps towards being a better company, in all senses of the word. When you hire a photo experience from us, you have the guarantee that we strive to reduce your carbon emissions, will remunerate the people involved fairly, and invest in a better future. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our experience with B Corp.

  • Create amazing custom booth vinyls

    Our Photo booths are like blank canvases, waiting for your brand’s unique look. You can customise the physical prints and the digital photo frames, but also add custom vinyls to cover your booth. Tie it all in with your event, campaign, and brand. When you confirm your event, we send you blank templates with design requirements for you to add your artwork. Is your art department fully booked? Not to worry, we can give you a hand. What can you put on your custom vinyls? The photos and the booth are forms of promotional material for your event. Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember, though the list is long, less is always more. Show off your branding Existing campaign graphics Brand slogan Use special material vinyls (eg. velvet, glitter) that link to your brand Promote your sponsors by displaying their logo Embrace the event theme Match the invitation graphics Match your venue Show the event details (name, date) Get sharing! Event hashtag Your brand’s social media handles Product photos Discount codes QR codes A fun prompt ("say cheese!" "Give us your best pose!") Show examples of photos captured on the booth Remind people to enter a competition, sign up for a newsletter, tag you on social media… At Flashmat we are happy to carry out design work for you, offer advice, share examples and work closely with your design team. Just give us a shout!

  • Why have a photo booth at brand events?

    In an age of social media, having a photo moment at your event is a must! And here’s why. Event coverage People will only share if there is an incentive. You might have a hashtag in mind, but why would people share it? Some things worth considering: Is it clearly promoted? Is there a goal or competition in place i.e if you share and tag us you could win XYZ What are they sharing? Getting dressed up with friends or colleagues could be reason enough to share a selfie on Instagram, but what if you had a cool backdrop or bespoke set-build with relevant props – this will not only make the experience more immersive but your messaging and branding would be at front and centre too. Original content We can all get our phones out and snap a photo or video with a cool filter, how can your experience bring something different that people want to engage with and share? It’s worth thinking about your event vision and brand message. Perhaps you want guests to connect with your campaign on a deeper level. One idea could be to get guests to write a message. For New Balance's 'My Future Self' campaign, our video Message Booth was the perfect way to capture the motivation and excitement of the London Marathon 2017 runners! Bringing back old-school prints Although the digital world is taking over, sometimes it’s nice to reminisce. Remember flicking through a physical photo album? Having a photo booth with branded print-outs offers a nice takeaway. It’s something people can have in their homes that will spark a moment of joy, and it looks cool! Connection Whether you’re at a pop-up with a friend or a launch party surrounded by industry experts, posing for a photo with others is a great way to break the ice. It is an activity at your event that promotes fun and laughter; that asks adults to tap into their inner child. Contact us today to book a photo experience for your next event!

  • Do I need a Photo Booth host?

    Over the years we’ve often been asked whether you need a host to manage the booth at your event. Maybe you already have staff on-site to help or it’s a long-term hire. Here are our reasons why you should consider having a host vs. why you might not need one. Reasons for having a host Troubleshooting Although our booths are incredibly user-friendly, they need to be set up properly. Our hosts have been trained in setting up and troubleshooting the equipment. If any issues occur they are on-site ready to fix them in a heartbeat! Also, even simple things like replacing paper and ink can be done in a matter of seconds. Managing the booth If it’s a busy event the host can ensure that the booth is being used responsibly by asking people to queue up, organise props and manage the print outs. Although you might have staff available to help, having a Flashmat host means the booth is their sole focus for the entire event. Photography skills You might be surprised to learn that even a photo booth benefits from being set up by someone with photography skills and an eye for detail. Even our Ring Booth which isn’t fitted with a DSLR camera benefits from good lighting and a well-positioned backdrop! Special skills We have a question for you: what do you need from a host? You might want a host that speaks a specific language, or a model that can advise guests on posing, or a host that can dress up in character to match the theme of the event – this is all possible! To entice guests We want the booth to pull in a crowd at your event! When you have a friendly, confident and bubbly host managing the booth, they will be there to entice people over to have a photo – yep, even the shy ones! To promote the event Our hosts are great at giving more information to guests once they have enjoyed the photo experience. For example, you might want guests to tag you on social media to enter a competition or scan a QR code with further information or instructions. All you need to do is provide us with a script and we can pass this onto our hosts. Worry-free booth You can focus on enjoying your event or running other aspects, while knowing that the booth is up and running, and if anything should come up, the host will take care of it. Reasons for not having a host International event Did you know that our booths are travel friendly? It is possible for us to ship our booths over to you with instructions. However, this does depend on the complexity of the setup. This works best with our Ring Booth or Hashtag Printer. Long-term hire We offer long-term hire packages if you are looking to have a booth for a few weeks, months, or longer! In this case we would provide instructions to you on how to use it, depending on the complexity of the setup. We would still recommend that you delegate responsibility for the booth to key members of staff over the course of the event so we can provide training to those individuals. This is what we have in place with our Hashtag Printers, now installed in seven Escape Hunt venues around the UK. Read more about this here. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you have. Drop us an email or give us a call at 020 3886 0756, and we can talk you through your event to see which opinion best suits you.

  • How to book your Christmas photo booth

    We have an announcement.. (I’d put down that tea you’re holding if I were you). Christmas is now 7 weeks away! I know right?! Which means it’s time to book a Christmas Photo Booth for your Christmas party or end of year event. Here are some things you should consider. Budget First and foremost, what is your budget? And be realistic. Photo Booths can range in price depending on quality. Think about what you want guests to take away from the experience: do you want them to print out their photos? Do you want the option to send photos via text or email? Do you want an open or closed booth? At Flashmat we offer Christmas packages which include themed props and backdrops, get in touch to find out more. Space Now it’s time to revisit your venue. Where are you looking to put the photo booth? Where is the nearest plug socket for power? If people are queuing, will this block an entrance or exit? Also, do people have enough space to strike poses without knocking a canape tray over! We recommend a space with enough room for a small backdrop, a couple of tables nearby for props and to put down drinks. All of our photo booths are open so there’s no limit to the number of people in a photo! The prints So, you have decided you want print outs. How many do you need? At Flashmat we offer unlimited print outs with our Christmas Photo Booth! These can be branded, or just have a festive design. After the event we will also email you digital copies of all the photos. How it will work When you book your photo booth with us, we will run through what will happen so there are no surprises on the day. For example, we provide a host to set up and manage the booth throughout the night. We would need around one hour to set up and we also like to see images of the venue and/or a floor plan prior to the event to make sure we have enough space to make things run as smoothly as possible! Props and backdrops Props is a must for any Xmas party! Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of antlers or angel wings! Think about the props you would like and whether you would like a plain backdrop or branded with your artwork. We include a selection of Christmas themed props and a plain white backdrop when you book with us. Book in advance Lastly, try to book your Christmas Photo booth at least 4-6 weeks in advance. For us, the last few weeks in December especially get booked up fast! Contact us today to book a festive photo booth for your event!

  • Our top 5 Christmas photo booth props

    Ho ho ho! My partner tells me it’s too early to think about Christmas, but he can’t stop me. Our Open Photo Booth is a hit at corporate and private Christmas parties, and here are our top 5 Christmas photo booth props for your festive event! 5. “Dear Santa, I can explain” sign Worried about Santa’s list? I think we can all relate to that. Don’t leave it to chance and explain yourself! 2021 was hard for all of us! 4. Christmas tree hat What really makes Christmas? The tree. Steal the show and be the centre of attention with a magnificent and towering headpiece. 3. Reindeer antler headband Whether you’re more of a Dasher, a Dancer, a Prancer or a Vixen, this is a great prop to grab from the box. It’s a classic, frames the head nicely and says “I'll go down in history”. 2. Confetti If you don’t mind a little mess, some confetti is a fool-proof way of making your stiff Christmas photo much more fun and dynamic. Don’t know what to do with your hands when posing? Throw some confetti, obviously! I challenge anyone to be a grinch in a shower of confetti. 1. Santa’s workshop set Let’s not debate whether this is a prop or not, bringing your office party to the workshop of Santa himself is a game changer. While an investment, these photo opportunities have long queues and the resulting photos are framed or mailed to friends and family. Heartwarming! Book a Christmas party photo booth with us today. If you wish to have specific props at your festive event, just let our project manager elves know! 1

  • 5 engaging ideas for your corporate event

    Let’s be honest, corporate events like conferences and trade shows have a rep for being a tad dry and formal. As informative and social as they can be with a range of networking opportunities available, and vast educational content, they sometimes need an extra element to make them more fun and engaging for attendees. Here are 5 ideas you can incorporate into your next corporate event to make it stand out and be spoken about for months to come! 1. A memorable photo moment Having a Photo Booth at a corporate event might not be the first idea that comes to mind, especially when inflatable props are involved. But having a photo moment at your event could be a great way to provide some fun and interaction. One idea could be to ask attendees to write a word or message about the event topic and create a collage of images to feature on your website or social media as part of a wider conversation. For an event we did with Shire, Hill + Knowlton for Spotlight on Gaucher, guests could pose in front of the photo booth and add their photo print to a wall amongst supporters. This added an activity to the exhibition stand and made people feel included in the cause. 2. Gathering testimonials At the Learning Technologies 2020 Exhibition, our Ring Booth captured video confessions from the delegates at the NETEX stand. With our Confessional Booth, Netex was able to address and receive valuable feedback from several types of attendees, ranging from their own employees, to learning and development managers, HR and business leaders, partners and content cloud customers. Here, the Ring Booth provided more than a source of entertainment. It acted as a valuable tool that allowed Netex to gather testimonials and feedback in order to grow as a company. 3. Innovative and sustainable freebies Whilst it can be helpful to find a branded pen at the bottom of your drawer when you need one! The free promotional material we receive at events quite often ends up in landfill. It is worth considering: what do your promotional materials say about your brand? How can you provide attendees with a giveaway that is memorable and sustainable, yet also effective? Why not have a QR code they can scan to receive a discount code via email. Or, create a set-build with your branding and messaging for guests to snap a quick photo and share with your own hashtag (you can even make this into a competition!). Our Hashtag Printer prints your Instagram post instantly by picking up your event hashtag. Make it fun, interactive and personal in a way that links back to your brand. For example, according to an Event Coordinator at Raleigh, attendees were given a small flowering plant from a wholesale nursery, which proved to be original and affordable. 4. Networking games If you’re looking to incorporate networking into your event, it might be worth planning a game. Sometimes entering a room of people can feel a bit daunting; incorporating a game can be a good ice-breaker. A Scavenger Hunt could be a fun idea to get people moving and turning on their healthy competitor mode. Attendees would receive a link to an app which lists the different tasks they must complete, individually or in a group, to receive points. Some tasks might include: find someone with the same job name as you or refer a friend or co-worker who should attend the event next year. There could even be a prize up for grabs! 5. Name card prompts Rather than displaying someone’s job title on a name card, why not add a prompt. This could be a question aimed at another person like: list 3 words that describe your job role or what’s your next adventure? Get everyone to circulate the room at the beginning of the session, we’re sure this will break down the barriers and get people laughing. Here are 5 ideas you can bring to your next corporate event to make it stand out from the crowd! If you would like to add a photo moment, have a browse of our Conceptual Booths and Photo booths and let us know how we can help!

  • How hard is it to set up a photo booth?

    Nervous about booking your first photo booth? Not to worry. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to including a fabulous booth host, setting it up on your own is a breeze. First, decide where to put your booth Depending on your booth, we will suggest and guide you in choosing the best spot. Think about the flow of people, the lighting conditions, and if your chosen backdrop fits in the space. You’ll also need to look for a power source near the booth. You will get detailed instructions You will receive clear instructions on how to put together your booth. It’s simple and relatively quick, but do allow some time for this. In the unlikely event of getting stuck on any step, our technical support team is always just a phone call away. Remote set up with every booth We will have already done the required tech programming to have your event up and running - the booth will already have all your details, photo frames, and customised options set. It's that easy! Voila! We make our photo booths as painless as possible to set up. And if you’re still not up for it, our hosts are always happy to come and manage your booth and all the details for you. Happy snapping!

  • Benefits of a photo booth at your event

    Here are the reasons you should have a Photo Booth at your brand party, whether it’s a product launch, a seminar, a convention, brand activation, a store opening... You get the idea. 1. They are fun Sounds simple, but isn’t fun the key ingredient of any party? Don’t overlook this important element, that’s up there in importance with food and fire escapes. 2. Conversation topic That brings us to… they are something to talk about and even bond over. A photo booth is an easy conversation piece that’ll help strangers break the ice. 3. They encourage online sharing If it’s not on Instagram, did it really even happen? Help to get your party on the radar with maximising the photos your guests take. Hitting some key hashtags and tagging your company gets that sweet visibility. 4. Data collection If your guest tick the box and agree, you’ll get a list of email addresses of people who are interested in what your brand has to offer. Their last experience with you was fun and uplifting, and you’re in a prime position to offer them more to keep them happy and coming back! 5. They make a memory Not only was the booth memorable (have you seen our conceptual booths?), but if you offer a printed copy of the photo, you’re giving away a keepsake that in this age of digital everything is a bit of a novelty. These have a prime spot reserved on every fridge door, pin wall or even office desk. People forget where they got the party gift bags, but a photo will spell it out. We're just scratching the surface here, so book yours today!

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