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The Instant Interview Booth


An innovative video activation helping users to make their job application personal and stand out, showing the "real you" moments.


Vorboss has always placed great importance on the personality match of their employees. They wanted to offer their applicants a chance to show who they are in a way that a traditional CV can’t. They wanted this experience to be installed and introduced at their Employment Fair event in London.


We came up with The Instant Interview booth. Applicants were invited to recorded 3 short clips inside the privacy of booth, guided by instructions and questions on the screen in front of them, that showed who they really are. Along with a short capture of free movement, whether that be dancing, posing, or just freely expressing themselves, this was then all remixed together along with a soundtrack to create a short application video.


During the 2 days of the Vorboss Employment Fair at Westfield, London we had 83 applicants showing off their personality in our Instant Interview booth. The booth was easy to find within the fair surroundings and offered a fun and valuable new way of interacting with potential employees. 

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